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Position: Football Development & Marketing Intern
Location: Shanghai, China
Internship Duration: July 2019 – April 2020
Report to: Football Development & Marketing Manager
Requirements: University Student, available 3-5 days/week


Responsible for office administration and coordination of local football development and marketing events.

CORE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (included, but not limited to):
Football Development
• Work closely with supervisors to support local football development
• Explore opportunities for local football development
• Support NFL Flag Football Tournaments
• Assist with organizing and communicating health and safety messaging
• Share knowledgeable insight on university students and the growth of football
• Research local football stories and assist with promotion, content development
Marketing – Events
• Support with event marketing planning, promoting and execution
• Assist with onsite staffing and recruitment as needed
• Create event surveys and record results
General Office Administration
• Day-to-day office administrative tasks, e.g. courier and mail pick-up, office supply maintenance, guest reception, document copying and scanning, etc.
• Other duties as assigned

• A positive team player
• General understanding of football
• Excellent bilingual verbal and written skills (Mandarin and English)
• Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
• Attention to details
• High degree of computer literacy including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats

*If interested, please send your resume and cover letter with subject line: “Football Development and Events Intern” to ChinaMarketing@nfl.com.

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